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Lovely soft landscaped back garden by S J Wilding Landscapes using evergreen shrubs and trees with a thick layer of mulch on top of grade a top soil. Installed in Stowmarket, Suffolk.

Soft Landscaping

Soft landscaping, where artistry meets nature. S J Wilding Landscapes work closely with clients to transform ordinary spaces into lush, inviting gardens. From selecting and planting a diverse array of flora to crafting serene pathways and harmonious outdoor arrangements, we bring your landscape dreams to fruition. Whether it's domestic or commercial, we are committed to enhancing the beauty, sustainability and tranquility of every environment we work on.

A full soft landscaping service is provided and we can tailor any task we take on to best suit your needs, following your plan or creating one on your behalf. Guidance and advice will be gladly offered throughout the whole process.

As with the hard landscaping side of things, complete garden landscapes are offered as are single area landscapes. Or, of course, a mixture of hard and soft landscaping combined.

Freshly laid turf being installed in Thetford, Norfolk by S J Wilding Landscapes.
Complete new large lawn area well underway in Glemsford, Suffolk. Seeded with quality grass seed by S J Wilding Landscapes. Soft Landscaping at its best.
Native hedging such as Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Rose and Field Maple installed in Bildeston, Suffolk by S J Wilding Landscapes

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